Novoline Xtra Hot

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Novoline Xtra Hot is a simple but yet very exciting casino slot game, the game achieves great levels of excitement as it is themed around fast and furiously hot action. All the different elements in this game are themed around very fast paced and hot action. The graphics in this Novoline Xtra Hot game manage to recreate the fast and hot action theme through using a hot purple background and having the title text written out in very strong fiery written. The reels used in Novoline Xtra Hot stand out really well from the background due to the great symbols that are placed on them. The great symbols that are used in the game are different fruits that are on fire these include oranges, lemons and plums. The other smoking hot and super charged symbols are BAR, 7 and an X all of these symbols are presented in very bright colours and really stand out from the reels and look great. The sound effects used in the Novoline Xtra Hot game are also themed around the turbo charged and fast paced theme and this is represented in the sounds being played at a very high tempo and with sharp electronic tones.

The game play that is used in Novoline Xtra Hot is again built around a very fast paced and high tempo playing theme. This is recreated in the game play by the slot game format being only 5 reels and 5 win lines meaning there is not much choice for users when selecting their stake so the game will flow very quickly. The aim in Novoline Xtra Hot is to line up as many of the same hot symbols from the left to the right as possible. These symbols all pay different amounts and the largest possible winning amount is paid on 5 adjacent red 7’s this will pay the player 1000x stake. The different winning amounts for all the different symbols in Novomatic Xtra Hot can be seen in the games pay table. The substituting bonus feature in this game works where a star symbol lands on the reel. This star can be then be swapped for any other symbol in the game which dramatically raises players winning chances. The Novomatic Xtra Hot game also has a gamble bonus feature which is where a player can try to double or lose their winnings by taking a fifty / fifty bet.

In conclusion of the casino game Novoline Xtra Hot it manages to create a very fast paced and high tempo playing environment through excellent visual effects. The graphics show excellent symbols with bright colours making them look sharp and hot and the sound effects really help create a high tempo vibe through short and sharp electronic noises. The game play in Novoline Xtra Hot is also very fast with a simpler win line set up and less complicated bonus features. This combination of the effective use of graphics, sound effects and simple game play result in fast paced and fun filed action.