Novoline The Alchemist

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Novoline the Alchemist is a very different casino slot game that has a very unique and interesting theme. This unique theme is that of a wild wizard who lives in a magical world and has a wonderful laboratory. The aim of the game is to work with the wizard’s spells and potions to unlock the magical spell that will return lots of fortune and gold onto a player. The graphics used in the free Novoline slots the Alchemist are of an excellent standard and done in specific cartoony animated style which users will love. The background of the casino game is a very fitting spell book which creates a wonderful atmosphere for this slot game. This background also acts as a pay table and shows the different winning spell and potion combinations that can be found in the game. The symbols used in the Novoline the Alchemist game are also of a very high standard and show different magical elements like magic rings, different coloured potions and a spell book. The rest of the background of this Novoline the Alchemist slot has other things that you would expect to find in a wizards laboratory these include a shelf staked with books, potions and other magical apparatus.

The game play in this Novoline the Alchemist slot game is very different to the rest of the games in the range. This difference comes from the fact that the game is played on a 3 reel and 1 win line format which is very easy for players to use. This is by far the most simple to play of all the Novoline slot machines and is perfect for players who are new to casino games. There is only one main bonus feature available in this Novoline the Alchemist game and this is the ‘Spell Book’ bonus. This bonus is triggered by the player spinning in three spell books across the three different reels. This then activates the bonus feature and the player has the chance to pick from three different coloured magic potions. If the player choices rightly the potion will literally turn to gold in front of them and they can win up 10000 credits. The only drawback behind the simple game play offered in Novoline the Alchemist is that more advanced casino games players will get bored quickly. Novoline the Alchemist is simple and highly recommended for beginners but more experienced players will tire of the one win line format.

In conclusion this Novoline the Alchemist slot game is a great inclusion to the range of Novoline games as it presents users with a very different option when they are selecting which game to play. This game is absolutely ideal for beginners who do want to have to worry about a large number of win lines and reels. Novoline the Alchemist also has a very simple bonus feature meaning that it is easy to understand and to play. The graphics in the game are animated and result in a fantastic looking slot game with the pay table cleverly incorporated into the spell book background.