Novoline Sizzling Hot

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Novoline Sizzling Hot is one of the most popular games in the whole of the range and this is due to many varying factors. The game goes for maximum excitement levels and does this through trying to create a very fast paced turbo charged atmosphere for the player. The free Novoline slot Sizzling Hot creates this atmosphere through a variety of different visual effects. The first of these effects is that the background of the game is an intense combination of both red and purple and these colours make a user think of fire. The next effect is that all of the symbols used in the game are surrounded by fire this includes all of the different exotic fruits that are in the game. The sounds that are used in the Novoline Sizzling Hot game are of an excellent standard and manage to enhance the games fast paced theme by playing the sounds at a very high tempo. The electronic sounds are constant through the Novoline Sizzling Hot game and there are many additional electronic sounds sounded when different win lines are won. These elements all create an electric environment that will make a player free like the game is moving at a very fast pace and will definitely raise a player’s heart beat.

All of the visual elements of the game really strongly help create a very fast paced action filled vibe which the game play in Novoline Sizzling Hot lives up to. It manages to do this by offering the game on the simpler 5 reel and 5 win line format which means that players do spend much time selecting the different win lines and will play the game at a fast pace. The aim of Novoline Sizzling Hot is to line up as many of the same symbols across a win line from the left to the right as possible. Each of these different symbols wins a completely different amount and this can be seen in the pay table. The bonus feature on offer in Novoline Sizzling Hot is the gamble feature and this feature gives aggressive and brave players a great chance to win some serious money. This gamble feature in Novoline Sizzling Hot gives players the option of choosing either a red or a black card from a deck of cards. If the player selects the right option they double their winnings and if they are incorrect they lose everything. This gamble features can be repeated numerous time to increase the prize find dramatically.

Novoline Sizzling Hot is an excellent casino game that gives users the chance to play the game in a furious and fast paced environment that is created by lots of different visual effects. These visual effects include a great background, fantastic symbols and awesome sound effects. The visual effects alone would not be enough to make Novoline Sizzling Hot a success as the game play has to be excellent and fast paced too. The game play manages be just this through small win line options and less bonus features making the slot game a complete and quality experience.