Novoline Plenty on Twenty

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The art of making a great casino slot game is creating a perfect theme for the game this is something that players will really love playing. Novoline Plenty on Twenty decided to go for a theme of a classic land based casino slot game this works by the theme of the game being centered on the symbols used in the game. The symbols used in the free Novoline slots Plenty on Twenty are all recognizable as classic casino slot game symbols these include the different fruits blackberries, watermelon, melon, oranges and then the other symbols the star, the bell and of course the best symbol in the game the 7. Novoline Plenty on Twenty very cleverly recreates this classic casino game feel but combines this with ultra modern cool graphics with gives the game a very modern and sharp image. These graphics are achieved through excellent symbols all of them on the board are very well animated and when each different symbol spins in on the reel it performs a new and different dance. These dances are highly amusing for the player and they will enjoy these loveable and fun symbols performing a new dance when they land on the reels. The sounds in Novoline Plenty on Twenty are also of a high quality and recreate the classic casino game combined with modern feel.

Novoline Plenty on Twenty goes for the traditional casino game with a modern twist through its physical appearance this means that it will appeal to more advanced game players so the game play must reflect that. The game play offered in Novoline Plenty on Twenty is excellent and has some fantastic bonus features for players to aim for. The format of the slot is a twenty win line and 5 reel board giving the player lots of choice when selecting their stake. The first of the bonus features available in the game is the scatter bonus where a player must try to spin in three or more stars on the screen. If the player manages to spin in three or more stars then they win free bonus spins which will really aid the players winning fund. The next bonus feature in Novoline Plenty on Twenty is the substituting feature which is where if the player spins in a 7 on the reel it can be swapped with any other symbol to raise their winning chances. The last bonus feature in Novoline Plenty on Twenty is the gamble feature this is where a player is given a fifty / fifty bet and on the strength of this they either double or lose their bet.

Novoline Plenty on Twenty is a very cleverly designed and produced casino game it brilliantly recreates the land based casino game whist through the modern and crisp graphics it brings a very different element to it. The game play in Novoline Plenty on Twenty is also superb and players will love the variety of bonus features available especially the Star scatter bonus which can reward the player with some serious winnings.