Novoline Party Games Slotto

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The title Novoline Party Games Slotto is an exciting and really well themed casino slot game. The theme of the game is that of a 1980’s disco, the game tries to place a player inside a nightclub where they are having a massive party. The visual effects of Novoline Party Games Slotto are all excellent and they really manage to recreate the theme of the slot game really well. The background of the slot game is dark and will remind players of being inside a nightclub and the title screen of the game is written in very bright colours and is surrounded by balloons and other such party items. The reels in Novoline Party Games Slotto actually add more of a disco feel to the game with their slightly highlighted image. The reels spin in the following symbols cherries, plums, watermelons, plums, number 7, BAR, J, Q, K and the unique symbol the special disco sheriff. The sound effects in Novoline Party Games Slotto are also in keeping with the disco vibe and they are played at a very high tempo which will allow the player to slip further into the disco theme of the game.

Novoline Party Games Slotto offers players some fantastic bonuses that will leave a player partying the night away if they manage to win them. The format of the slot machine is a five reel and twenty win line game which gives players lots of opportunity to spin in different combinations of symbols across the large amount of win lines. Novoline Party Games Slotto has some wonderful bonus features the first of which is called the ‘Pick a Prize Bonus’ where a player must manage to get three or more disco sheriffs to show across the screen. This then achieves the bonus and the player is given the choice of inviting one of three guests into a private room each of these guests represents a different prize. A good selection of guest can lead to serious winnings for the player. The next bonus in Novoline Party Games Slotto is the top jackpot prize and this is achieved if the player manages to get a screen full of 7’s this will pay a huge jackpot of 100,000 credits. If the player only manages to achieve one reel of 7’s in the free Novoline slots Party Games Slotto then the winner is paid a prize of 5000 credits.

In conclusion the playing experience at Novoline Party Games Slotto is excellent and the variety of bonus features and massive jackpot that’s available is great. Players will love the opportunity to win a very different bonus in the pick a prize feature as they will really enjoy the chance to select a character to win a different prize. The graphics and sound effects in Novoline Party Games Slotto are excellent and they create a really high level of user enjoyment because they manage to recreate the 1980’s disco theme incredibly well. The theme of the 1980’s disco is a really successful one as players will love the chance to play a casino slot game in such a fun environment.