Novoline Online Free

The concept behind offering Novoline online free games came after the huge following of fans decided they wanted to see the very popular land based casino games provided online. This then provided demand for an online offering of these games that the game producers soon decided to fulfill and they went online with a whole range of Novoline online free titles. These games were instantly a huge success and playing numbers were massive the reasons behind this fantastic success are varied. The first reason is that the games are all made on different and individual themes and the second being that the graphics have been produced by an amazing production team. The next reason behind this success is the fantastic sound effects which are totally different for each of the Novoline online free games. The last and most important reason why the games have been such huge hits is that the game play is of an excellent standard. The game play in the Novoline online free games range is second to no other casino game available on the market and players will love the opportunity the play the different features available. The games are all designed on different playing formats and have different reel options to create more variety for the player.

All Novoline online free games have different playing formats and this is shown in the range by all of the different titles providing different options for players. The ‘playing format’ is described by both the reel set up and the win line set up. Certain free Novoline slots online free games have only 3 reels and most games can be found with five reels. The win lines can vary from the very simple one win line set up to the most complex twenty win line format. There are many different middling options that run between the 1 and the 20 win line option. The general rule is that the lower the amount of win lines the more simple the game is to run and the more win lines that the game has the more complex it is. Novoline online free games also have a massive variety of bonus features available to players that they can try to target and win on. A common bonus that is found across the Novoline online free range is the gamble bonus feature this bonus feature can lead to a player really aggressively raising his winning fund. The gamble feature works by the player being given a fifty / fifty choice and this will result in the player either doubling or losing their winnings.

A top title in the Novoline online free game range is the game Katana. In this game there are many different excellent bonus features which can really well demonstrate the quality of the bonus options available in this game range. The first of these bonus features in this Novoline online free game is the scatter bonus this feature targets a player to spin on the screen three or more samurai swords. These samurai swords will unlock ten win spins where a player can dramatically increase their winnings. This scatter bonus also includes a special expanding reel feature, where the reel can expand whist a player is enjoying their bonus spins, if the reel expands it results in huge winnings for the player. The next great bonus feature available in this Novoline online free game is the substituting feature. This feature works by the magical and wise Shogun being spun in on the reel and this shogun then has the power to be swapped with any other symbol on the board. This substituting feature has the power to raise players winning chances dramatically and players will love this added chance at having a successful winning line whilst playing this Novoline online free game.

These fantastic game play attributes are central to the success behind the Novoline online free games range. A game that has a very different playing format and bonus features to Katana and most other games in the range is the title Bullion Bars. This game really shows the diversity available in the Novoline online free games range as this game is played on a smaller 3 reel format and has a massive twenty win lines available. This creates a very different feeling for the game as it is only available on such a small reel format. The first of the bonus features that are available in this different Novoline online free title is the ‘Bullion Streak’ bonus. The player can win this bonus by spinning in BAR, BAR STREAK, BAR across the three reels and when this is activated the game goes payout crazy. All the different lights in the game light up and the reels all start spinning and rolling in different winning combinations this bonus is only stopped when a losing combination is hit. The next two bonuses to watch out for when playing this Novoline online free game is the scatter feature and the gamble feature both of these can result in some real winnings for a player.

This variety in game play and bonus features make Novoline online free games really enjoyable for players. User’s will love the thrill of playing these different games and being able to try new games with new features once they feel like they need a new challenge. A Novoline online free game that is totally different in its set up to any other game is the title 4 King Cash this differs as it has four games of 5 reels each in play at once. This means there are a total of twenty reels on the board for the player to play with this makes the game quite complicated but perfect for the more advanced casino game player. The bonus feature in this Novoline online free game is called ‘Sack of Gold’ and this is activated when enough sacks of gold appear on the screen at once and then the title screen is illuminated and players can win 5x to 500x their stake. The next bonus feature in this excellent Novoline online free title is gamble bonus which gives the player the chance to double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. They also have the chance via a lucky loser bonus not to lose everything when they make the wrong choice.