Novoline Mermaids Pearl

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The bottom of the ocean is one of the most popular locations for Novoline’s range of casino slot games to be based. The latest game free Novoline slot Mermaids Pearl is based in this popular setting but brings many new features and ideas to the table and the game is very creative in its theme and players will love this. The theme of the game is an adventure to the bottom of the ocean where beautiful Mermaids live. The aim of the Novoline Mermaids Pearl game is to find the beautiful and magical Mermaids and get them to lead the way to the hidden treasure. The adventure will lead players past sea horses, crabs, turtles and all sorts of other beautiful fish. The graphics in Novoline Mermaids Pearl are fantastic and manage to create a whole underwater experience for the player. This is done through a beautiful blue background and very well animated symbols filling the reels. The symbols show the beautiful Mermaids in 3D and allow players to see them dance when they land on the reels. The sounds effects in Novoline Mermaids Pearl manage to recreate this underwater environment through aquatic noises where players manage to submerge themselves in an underwater adventure.

This fantasy adventure game lets a player completely loose themselves in a totally new environment and this is a wonderful way for players to feel. This nice feeling needs to be combined with playing a slot with great game play for the whole game to be successful. Novoline Mermaids Pearl has fantastic game play and this is demonstrated by both the format of the slot machine and the bonus options. The format of Novoline Mermaids Pearl is a five reel and twenty win line set up maximizing player’s options when selecting the stake. The first of the bonus features offered in Novoline Mermaids Pearl is a scatter bonus where if three, four or five treasure chests are shown on the screen at any one time then the player wins either 30, 40 or 50 win spins respectively. This is a huge number of win spins to win through a scatter bonus and with this many win spins a player can really aggressively raise his winnings. The other good bonus feature to be won in Novoline Mermaids Pearl is the doubling substitute feature. This feature raises player’s chances of winning drastically and is resembled by the Mermaid symbol.

Novoline Mermaids Pearl is a fantastic addition to the Novoline casino game range as it is a themed game located in the fans favorite environment, an underwater adventure. This underwater environment is a fairly common location to theme a game on but Novoline Mermaids Pearl brings new creative and fun ideas to this location. These fun ideas lead to a really exciting themed game and this combined with the very exciting bonus features make this game a real classic. The most exciting bonus feature in this game is the scatter bonus and this allows users the chance to win big prizes through the huge amount of bonus spins that can be won.