Novoline Kings Treasure

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Novoline Kings Treasure is an action and adventure casino slot game where the theme of the game is based on a medieval adventure through old and ancient England. The game is based in a historical period of time which is known to be a very exciting period and makes the user think of brilliant films like ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Knights of the Round Table’. These are excellent and epic films that users love and this fantastic historical period in time means that Novoline Kings Treasure will certainly create a real interest from players. The aim of this Novoline Kings Treasure adventure is to find the great Kings hidden treasure, this treasure is hidden in the Kings castle it is located deep down in a dungeon under the castles walls. The treasure can be found by the player taking a journey through this ancient land and passing through several dangers like evil rival knights and the wild savage forest people. The player will continue on his journey past these dangers and will eventually come closer in his quest to finding the Novoline Kings Treasure. The graphics and sound effect in this game are of the highest quality and players will love how this historical action and adventure theme comes to life.

The game play of Novoline Kings Treasure is of the highest possible standard and the games format is that of a five reel and twenty win line slot machine. This high win line option gives players a large choice when selecting there stake and how win lines they would like to play with. The first bonus feature that is of interest in Novoline Kings Treasure is the scatter bonus this is where the user must try to spin in three or more ‘Crown’ symbols on the screen at one time. This will result in the player winning 15 free win spins if the player spins in four or five crowns then 20 and 30 win spins will be awarded respectively. These win spins can be really good money generators for players. The next bonus feature that a player will be looking for in Novoline Kings Treasure is the substitute bonus feature this feature is represented by the King symbol. This symbol can be swapped with any other symbol on the board apart from the crown symbol and can really increase player’s chances of winning on the reels. Novoline Kings Treasure also features a progressive jackpot which is triggered when five Kings are lined up across the reels this can trigger a massive prize.

In conclusion Novoline Kings Treasure is an excellent addition to the Novoline slot machine range as it is designed on a very exciting theme. This theme is something most users will love as the opportunity to explore and enjoy a truly wonderful period in history is fantastic. The game play in Novoline Kings Treasure is of an excellent standard with some great bonus features and the progressive jackpot will give players the hope and ambition that their dreams could come true.