Novoline Just Jewels

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Novoline Just Jewels is fantastically different themed casino slot game that users will love due to the different and original theme. This theme is a Jewelry robbery set in the Crown Royal jewelers this means that the background of the slot is all velvet and this represents the royal cloth that the jewels are placed on. The title of the Novoline Just Jewels game is a royal crown with the title text written over it this royal crown represents and shows the royal element to the game. The different symbols in the game are all different types of exclusive jewels that can be robbed from the game and turned into prizes for the player. These jewels instantly create wonderful thoughts from players as jewels have this amazing way of making people think of good and positive things. The sound effects in Novoline Just Jewels are of an excellent standard and are based on a royal theme which again adds to the overall feeling of the slot. The graphics used to represent the different symbols are very clear and present all of the different jewels in crystal clear perfection. The combination of an exciting theme of a Jewel robbery and the great graphics and sounds effects really work in this Novoline Just Jewels game.

The game play in Novoline Just Jewels is quite different to that of other slots as the game has less bonus features available and a different win line set up to compensate this. The game operates on a five reel and ten win line format which give the user plenty of choice when selecting there stake. The main bonus feature to mention in the Novoline Just Jewels game is the Euro bonus. This means if a Euro symbol is spun in on the reels the player can substitute it for any other symbol in the game therefore dramatically raising the winning chances for a player. The aim of the game in Novoline Just Jewels is to line up as many of the same symbols as possible from the left to the right. This is where this Novoline Just Jewels game differs from some others as only three adjacent symbols are needed in a line to win. The different symbols all pay different amounts and the more symbols in one line also means the more a player can win. The player can find out what each different win line combination is worth by checking in the pay table which lists all the different winning combinations available in Novoline Just Jewels.

In evaluation Novoline Just Jewels offer players a very different playing experience as players would never get the opportunity to be involved in a jewel heist. The graphics are great and they recreate the inside of a jeweler’s brilliantly and the sound effects really cleverly add to the royal theme behind a game. The game play a player can find in the free Novoline slots Just Jewels is excellent as there are less bonuses but many more chances to win on the win lines through less symbols being needed in a line.