Novoline Golden Sevens

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Novoline Golden Sevens has been designed with the aim of trying to recreate the feel of an authentic traditional land based casino slot machine. The game is aimed at players who want a simple and realistic casino slot game experience without the fancy graphics and themes that go with some other games. The game will appeal to players who previously visited land based casinos and want to recreate the feeling that this gave them. The graphics used in Novoline Golden Sevens are simple but effective at delivering the desired simple theme. Players will be greeted with a blue background which goes from a dark to a light blue this combination of blue colours means the slot really manages to stand out and look good. The sound effects used in Novoline Golden Sevens are also of the highest possible quality and manage to perfectly recreate the sounds found in a land based casino. All of the different win lines and combination of symbols found in Novoline Golden Sevens mean that the game will produce new and different sounds for each different line that rolls in on the reel. This combination of excellent graphic and sound effects manage to pull of this simple yet very popular theme in a very classy and effective way.

The game play of this Novoline Golden Sevens game is simply excellent and the game features a huge progressive jackpot. The format of the casino slot game is a twenty win line and five reel slot game meaning there are lots of different win lines open for a player to win on and this creates a very exciting playing environment. The aim of the game in free Novoline slots Golden Sevens is to line up as many of the same fruits from the left to the right as possible. The different symbols all pay different amounts and this can be seen in the pay table which is found at the bottom of the page. The biggest win available in Novoline Golden Sevens is the progressive jackpot that can be triggered by filling the screen with fifteen 7’s. This huge jackpot pays at 10000x stake making it one the best jackpots available in the whole of the Novoline range. Novoline Golden Sevens also includes a potentially very profitable gamble bonus feature this feature allows a user the chance to double or lose their bet on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet. This bet can then be repeated up to 100 times and this allows users to really aggressively raise their prize fund.

In evaluation Novoline Golden Sevens is an excellent casino game that gives players the chance to play a traditional slot game that recreates a land based casino game really well. The player will actually feel like they are playing a traditional land based slot game due to the quality of the graphics and the sound effects. The game play in Novoline Golden Sevens is of the highest possible standard and players will love the chance to play for the huge progressive jackpot of 10000x stake.