Novoline Fruits and Sevens

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The range of the available Novoline games is very wide and varied and the games all take on different themes some of these themes are very elaborate and some more simple. One of the simpler slot games is the title Novoline Fruits and Sevens this game is based on a simple and traditional theme of the land based casino machine. This theme of recreating one of the earlier and classic land based slot machines is very appealing to players who like playing the more traditional games. The game Novoline Fruits and Sevens is heavily themed on the symbols that can be found on the reels of the slot games. In this game the combination of the famous fruits and sevens is used to title the game. The actual symbols used on the reels in free Novoline slot Fruits and Sevens are apples, orange, lemons, kiwis, watermelons, cherries and of course the famous 7. The graphics used in Novoline Fruits and Sevens manage to recreate this simple themed idea really well with the different symbols being designed in a crisp and sharp way. The sound effects are great and play a different sound every time a new win line is spun on the reel.

Novoline Fruits and Sevens is one of the most simple and user friendly games to play in the whole of the Novoline range. The simplicity of Novoline Fruits and Sevens is shown with the easy to use five reel and five win line format. The game is very low in complicated bonus features instead players have to concentrate in lining up adjacent fruits from the left to the right to complete a win line. All of the different symbols in the game pay out different amounts and players will love the challenge of trying to match up the most valuable symbols. The pay table at the bottom of the screen will show all of the various combinations available and how much each combination will pay when playing Novoline Fruits and Sevens. The game does feature a progressive jackpot and players can win 1000x the stake by managing to get five 7’s across the win line. The other feature worth looking out for when playing Novoline Fruits and Sevens is the excellent gamble feature where players can double or lose their winning fund by placing a fifty / fifty bet. This feature can allow players to aggressively increase their winning fund if they are brave enough.

In evaluation of Novoline Fruits and Sevens the game manages to stick to its theme of being a traditional slot game very well. The crisp and sharp graphics really help the simple game be very attractive to players. The sound effects for the Novoline Fruits and Sevens game are excellent and each different win line plays a different sound and this adds to the enjoyment of the game for the player. The game play involved in this classic slot is easy and therefore a lot of fun for players to pick up and play without having to study lots of rules.