Novoline Dolphins Pearl

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Novoline Dolphins Pearl is one of the most popular games in the free Novoline slots range for a variety of reasons, the main reasons being the excellent graphics and sound effects and the wonderfully creative theme. The theme of Novoline Dolphins Pearl is that of an underwater deep sea adventure featuring some very exotic mammals and other amazing sea life. The casino slot game is based deep the tropical and beautiful Caribbean sea where the player will feel instantly at ease with the beautiful surroundings. The background of this Novoline Dolphins Pearl game recreates the lovely crystal clear tropical waters that this game in based in. The background of the slot also includes moving sea weed and bubbles rising up to the surface which is great moving imagery for a player to enjoy. The reels of the Novoline Dolphins Pearl game feature all of the wonderful different and varied sea life that can be found in the game these creatures include seahorses, a pearl mussel, lots or brightly colored fish and a large and beautiful fish. The graphics of the slot game are excellent and produce this background and various symbols to an excellent level. The sounds used in the game are also wonderful and create a very aquatic feel.

Novoline Dolphins Pearl provides a user with a wonderful experience through all the visual aspects of the slot and this continues with the game play. The game play in Novoline Dolphins Pearl is nothing short of sensational with a great format and even better bonus features that players will not want to miss out on. The slot is operated on a five reel and ten win line basis where the user gets the opportunity to have a decent choice when selecting what stake they opt for. The bonus features available in Novoline Dolphins Pearl include an excellent scatter bonus feature where the user must get three of more pearl mussel symbols to trigger fifteen win spins. These 15 win spins have the stake trebled for the duration of the spins making this bonus very profitable for the player. The next bonus feature available in Novoline Dolphins Pearl is the substitute bonus where if a dolphin symbol is spun in on the board it can be swapped with any other symbol. This bonus can dramatically increase player’s chances of winning and is therefore a great bonus feature. These two bonuses combined in one game make this title very attractive for players who want to win some big prizes.

In conclusion Novoline Dolphins Pearl is an amazing slot game with ground breaking graphics. The moving background that is used in this game is truly excellent and players will really feel that they are at the bottom of the sea thanks to these detailed graphics. The theme is also excellent and players will love the opportunity to take part in an underwater adventure. The bonus features in Novoline Dolphins Pearl are excellent and players will love the scatter bonus which gives players the chance to win huge prizes.