Novoline Columbus Deluxe

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One of the most exciting themed games in the free Novoline slots range is the action packed historic explorer game Novoline Columbus Deluxe. This game sends a player back 500 years in time before America was discovered and places them in the shoes the greatest explorer of all time, Christopher Columbus. This Novoline Columbus Deluxe slot recreates the explorer’s great and very famous journey out of England and across the Atlantic. It was thought at this time that the world was flat but Columbus believed it was round and set out to prove this theory right. Columbus also thought that they were vast amounts of undiscovered lands and therefore treasures to be found. These treasures can only be found if the player can negotiate their way past the many dangers and obstacles that they will face. The aim of the game in Novoline Columbus Deluxe is to find these treasures to result in the player becoming rich. The graphics in Novoline Columbus Deluxe are of an excellent standard and the background of the game is actually an old sailing ship and an old map. The symbols used in the game are all centered on an old world sea and sailing adventure and the visual effects in the game manage to pull this off.

The game play that a player can expect to find if they decide to take the adventure and pull out of the harbour on the free Novoline slots, Columbus Deluxe sailing ship if truly excellent. The format of this slot game is a five reel and ten win lines set up which gives players plenty of options when they are choosing their stake. The first of the excellent bonus features in Novoline Columbus Deluxe is the scatter bonus feature and the symbol that represents this bonus is the Sailing ship symbol. If the playing spins in three or more of these symbols on the screen then the user wins ten free win spins. The user has the chance to raise or lower their stake during these bonus spins giving this bonus real potential to be very profitable for the player. The next bonus feature in Novoline Columbus Deluxe is the substituting bonus feature where if the player spins in the Columbus symbol on the reels they can swap the symbol with anything else on the board. This bonus really maximizes player’s chances of winning and can really help a player on their search for treasure whist playing Novoline Columbus Deluxe.

When summarizing the experience a player will have when they decide to play Novoline Columbus Deluxe it is best said that a player will be totally absorbed in a historic themed action and adventure game. This excellent theme is well represented by excellent graphics and sound effects that will really allow the player to feel like they are aboard a ship far out at sea. The game play in Novoline Columbus Deluxe is also excellent and players will love the bonus features that can be won whilst playing this action packed slot.