Novoline Bullion Bars

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Novoline Bullion Bars is one of the simplest games in the range in terms of graphic and sound effects and this results in a wonderful classic looking casino slot machine. Players will love how the slot really effectively recreates the first land based casino slot machines. Players will really feel like they are playing an old machine back in the Wild West in the days of cowboys and salons as the game looks and feels like these early machines. Novoline Bullion Bars is presented on a very simple three reel format which instantly changes the visual look of the slot compared to others in the Novoline range. The symbols that are used in Novoline Bullion Bars are the traditional looking symbols like O, Red Star, BAR, BARx2, BAR STREAK, BULLION STREAK and BARx3 which really look great on the reels. The sound effects that are used in Novoline Bullion Bars are simple and manage to convey the right tempo for the slot to the player. This Wild West themed slot due to the combination of the traditional symbols, the simple graphics and classic sounds means that the game really pulls of the look of a traditional land based casino game.

The game play in Novoline Bullion Bars is excellent although the graphics and presentation of the slot is simple the game play is defiantly not. This is due to their being 20 win lines across only three reels, this small amount of reels producing so many win lines creates a great playing environment. The bonus features that are included in free Novoline Bullion Bars are excellent and enough to keep the most advanced casino games players happy. The first of these bonuses is the Bullion Streak bonus which is where a player must spin BAR, BAR STREAK, BAR across the reel to activate this super bonus. Once the bonus is activated the whole screen lights up and the game goes spinning crazy and lots of different winning combinations are spun in. This massively adds to a user’s prize fund and the bonus is only stopped when a losing combination is spun on the reels. Novoline Bullion Bars includes an excellent scatter bonus and a very profitable gamble feature. The gamble feature in Novoline Bullion Bars works by the player being given a fifty / fifty choice between the colour of two cards, the result of the player’s choice will result in either doubling or losing the winning fund.

In conclusion the experience of playing Novoline Bullion Bars is excellent and players will love how the online game brilliant recreates the feeling of the traditional land based slot. Players will love this online version of the game as much as people did many years ago when the slot machine first came out. The simple graphics and sound effects used in Novoline Bullion Bars are very effective in achieving the aim and theme of the slot. The different bonus features are also very exciting and the smaller reel set up creates a great playing environment.