Novoline Bugs n Bees

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The game designers who produced this large and excellent range of games from Novoline decided there was big room in the current market for an animated and fun adventure to be produced. The game they came up with was Novoline Bugs and Bees which is a game themed on an adventure through the flowerbeds in a back garden. The game through wonderful colour animation takes players into the flower bed where the player will have the opportunity to find and meet some fantastic bugs and bees. The symbols in Novoline Bugs and Bees that are spun in on the reels are various different bugs and bees all of the different bugs and bees have individual designs and animated features. These animated Novoline Bugs and Bees when they manage to line up to form a winning line all have different 3D dances that they perform when the land on the reels. These dances all add to the fun factor that the game has and this fun factor is a main selling point for Novoline Bugs and Bees game. The graphics really are of the highest quality as the animated designs are great and the player can enjoy the different dances and moves that the Bugs and Bees perform.

The game play featured in Novoline Bugs and Bees is all centered on the target of being a fun filled game. This fun filled game is presented very well through all the visual aspects and the game play manages to continue trying to achieve this aim by offering some really fun and entertaining bonus features. Novoline Bugs and Bees is run on a five reel and twenty win line slot format therefore giving the users lots of win lines to be able to win on. The first fun bonus feature available when playing free Novoline slots, Bugs and Bees is the scatter bonus where if three or more ‘Musical notes’ land on the screen at the same time win spins are triggered for the user. This can either be 10, 12 or 15 win spins and if during these spins a piano bug is spun in on the reel then that winning spin is doubled. The next bonus feature in Novoline Bugs and Bees is the substituting feature where if a ‘bee’ is spun in on the reel it can be swapped for any other feature in the game with the exception of the piano bug and the musical note. These different bonus options are loads of fun and can really lead to excellent winnings for a player.

In conclusion Novoline Bugs and Bees is an excellent casino slot game because it manages to create this fun filled environment for players through wonderful animated graphics and clever sound effects. These animations really successfully portray some cute and fun bugs and bees and the dances they perform will be loved by players. The fun feeling of Novoline Bugs and Bees continues into the bonus features where players will love the ‘Musical Note’ bonus and the excitement that the piano bug symbol brings to this bonus feature.