Novoline Big Catch

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Novoline Big Catch is a fun themed casino slot game that is themed on the exciting and much loved pastime of fishing. Many people around the world love fishing and list it a favorite hobby and way to spend their time. Fishing is thought of as a fun and exciting way to spend a day out and see nature as people get to spend time outdoors and near the water which is a much loved thing to do. This concept of a day out fishing is therefore a very popular theme for Novoline Big Catch, users will love the way that they will feel as they are enjoying a hobby whilst playing for cash from the comfort of their own home. The graphics used to create this theme for Novoline Big Catch are superb and users will really feel as if they are taking part on a day out on the ocean due to the quality of the graphics. The background is blue with moving fizzing bubbles rising up to the surface. The sound effects in the free Novoline slot Big Catch are also excellent and have a very aquatic theme which is very in keeping with the games theme and really adds value to the player.

The game Novoline Big Catch is played on a five real and twenty win line format that players will love as they have a huge amount of options available when choosing their stake amount. The different win lines can create lots of different winning chances for players when they try and line up the same symbols from the left to the right. The first bonus feature available in Novoline Big Catch is the random ‘Big Catch’ bonus this feature starts completely randomly where a special noise is sounded and the reels are cleared. A fishing rod then comes out and starts to fish where every fish caught means more money to the prize fund and the bigger the fish the bigger the prize. This bonus is only ended when the fishing rod catches the boot. The next bonus available in Novoline Big Catch is the substitute feature where if a Wild Starfish is spun in on the third or fifth reel it can be swapped for any other symbol on the board. This feature dramatically increases players winning chances as the player has more chance of achieving a winning line. These two bonus features in Novoline Big Catch are excellent and will leave a player hungry for prizes.

The overall review of Novoline Big Catch is very positive as the game presents a very fun and interesting theme. The graphics that represent this game are wonderful as there is an excellent moving background and interesting animations on the reels. The game play in Novoline Big Catch is also excellent and the two bonus features will really excite a player as they offer great chances of winning. The game has enough different elements to keep a user very interested and they will enjoy the challenge of playing.