Novoline 4 King Cash

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Novoline 4 King Cash is a totally different casino slot game to the rest of the games in the range. The game operates over a total of twenty different reels giving the game a very different visual look to the other slots available. Novoline 4 King Cash is very cleverly presented on the screen as the concept of the game is quite complex but the graphics and the reel display cleverly break down the game so it looks very easy to use. The background of the game is a royal blue colour with the king’s emblem which adds to the royal theme and feel of the game. Novoline 4 King Cash manages to pull off the feel of an elite and premier casino slot game which is the perfect image for the game due to the complexity of the playing format. The game is targeted at the more advanced casino players so they will really like the premier feeling that the graphics present the slot in. The sound effects used in Novoline 4 King Cash are also excellent and really deliver the highest possible feeling of class through the unique electronic tones for a casino slot machine.

The playing format in Novoline 4 King Cash is completely different to any other slot game in the Novoline range. The game operates on a 20 reel format with a huge amount of win lines. There are 4 different games split onto the one screen in Novoline 4 King Cash this complex set up allows players a very advanced level of game play. This advanced level of game play is great for players who are experienced at playing casino slot games but the games are not as accessible for beginners who should stick with the simpler slot games. The best bonus in Novoline 4 King Cash is the ‘Reel King’ bonus where players are given the chance to collect gold sacks on the reels and when enough gold sacks are collected then the title screen lights up and the bonus is activated. This is a massive bonus with winning potential of between 5x and 500x the bet. The other bonus in Novoline 4 King Cash is the gamble bonus where players have the chance to double or lose their winnings in a chance fifty / fifty bet. This bet is completely chance and is only for the bravest of players and the rewards can be a quite aggressive rise in winnings.

In summary the free Novoline slot 4 King Cash offers a very different option for casino game players and gives the more experienced players a game that they will really enjoy. It is excellent that more advanced casino game players are catered for with this great title as it will keep them amused with its complex set up. The graphics and sound effects in Novoline 4 King Cash are really good as they manage to break down the complexity of the reels and present the game in a really visually appealing way. The bonus features offered are also excellent and players stand a really good chance of winning cash through this game.