Free Novoline Online Games

The range of free Novoline online games are known for their quality across a wide spectrum of important different attributes. These attributes that are very important for online casino games include the graphics and the sound effects used to make the game. The next two important and vital attributes to a casino game are the quality of the game play and the imagination used when creating the theme. These four different attributes are vital when making a casino game as they all have to be done incredibly well for the free Novoline online games to be a success. These four key ingredients are the decisive factor in the reason behind free Novoline online games standing out from the competition. The creators of the different free Novoline online games make sure that all of their different titles are excellent and do this by making sure all of these four factors are fulfilled to the best possible level. The team at Novoline is massive and they manage to employ people with the skills to design and make games that successfully cover these four different key attributes. The design team are first charged with coming up with an amazing theme for a game.

Once the design team have successfully come up with a fantastic theme and idea for the free Novoline online game then the production team move on to the making of that game. The production team is in charge of creating the graphics and all of the visual effects that appear in a slot game this includes the creation of the reels, the symbols and the background imagery. The titles in the free Novoline online games range have very different styling some of the games are designed in a simpler style but some of the games have very elaborate styles and imagery. An example of one of the free Novoline online games where the graphics are elaborate is the title ‘Lord of the Ocean’ in this game the theme is a deep sea adventure where the imagination is able to run wild. This is shown by the graphics as they manage to recreate the underwater world in a fantastic way and there are many different aspects about the imagery that make the slot game stand out. One of these aspects is the background as it uses lots of different moving images like moving seaweed and bubbles floating up to the surface these details make the graphics really stand out in this free Novoline online game.

The sound effects are another important aspect in the production of the free Novoline online games and these sound effects for all of the different titles are all very different and equally important. The reason that the sound effects in each of the different free Novoline slots online games are very different are that they are aiming to recreate totally different themes. The different themes that the individual games are designed on all call for their own special sound effects. An example of these sound effects used very well in one of the free Novoline online games is the game ‘Book of Ra’. The theme in this game is ancient Egypt and the sound effects manage to recreate an ancient Egyptian feel for the players. Another free Novoline online games that has different type of sound effects is the title ‘Xtra Hot’ in this game the sounds are trying to create a turbo charged and high intensity environment for players. This environment is successfully achieved through the sounds being played in a very high tempo way with short and sharp electronic tones.

The game play is a major factor in how successful a casino slot game is and the different games in the free Novoline online games range all have excellent playability. The games are of a very high standard due to the excellent game play that they all have, this excellent game play has come from the fact that all the games were land based casino games previously and had a solid proven game play format. The games all have super bonus features one of the most common bonus features that can be found in the free Novoline online games range is the scatter bonus feature. This bonus feature works by a player spinning in three or more of a certain symbol on the board and then being awarded a certain amount of win spins. The next common and popular bonus feature in the free Novoline online games range is the substituting bonus. This is where a certain symbol on the board has the power to swap into any other symbol in the game to create a winning line. Another bonus feature in the free Novoline online games range is the wild multiplier feature this is when a special symbol lands on the winning reel it can then double that winning line.

The most common bonus feature that is found in almost all free Novoline online games is the Gamble bonus. This bonus feature does vary slightly from game to game but is generally pretty much the same in how it works. The principal behind this bonus is that a player is given the choice when playing one of the free Novoline online games to make a bet between two different options. The player by doing this is risking all of their winnings on the possibility of doubling their prize fund. In some different free Novoline online games players can continue gambling and playing up to 100 times which can lead to a huge winning prize fund. The most common way that this is represented in free Novoline online games is by a deck of cards and the player has to choose if the next card will be a red or a black. The player is given hints to what colour the next card could be through the display showing what colour the last eight cards chosen were. This hint of the last cards chosen is essentially not important as this bet is a fifty / fifty chance bet and therefore only for the bravest of players.