Free Novoline Games

Casino slot players from around the world all know the name free Novoline games due to the excellent and high quality slot games that are provided by this manufacturer. The games that are produced all manage to cover a massive variety of themes and cater for people with all different types of interests. It’s very important to free Novoline games success that as many different groups of people are targeted as possible as this results in higher satisfaction levels for players as their exact interests are met. One of the targeted groups of customers is the fantasy game lovers they are targeted through a number of fantasy adventure titles. These fantasy free Novoline slots include the titles Magic Princess and Win Wizard. These games are both targeted at players who love fantasy worlds and will enjoy all different types of fantasy adventures. These types of players are the sorts of people that would enjoy films like Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons and they would also be big fans of computer games like World of Warcraft. These are all fantasy adventures and players who enjoy these would love the free Novoline games Magic Princess and Win Wizard.

One of the free Novoline games that is heavily stooped in a fantasy environment is the title Magic Princess. This title takes players into a magical world where the imagination can run wild this world is somewhere where players are totally immersed in a fantasy environment. Players when they decide to start an adventure in this magical land are aiming to find the magic princess and to get her to cast a spell of great riches over them. This free Novoline game is an excellent adventure game where a player will pass many other objects when trying to locate the princess’s tower. These objects are all magical and a player will be trying to collect her magical crown, her magic ball and her magic wand if the player can collect all of these items they will be rewarded in riches. This is one of the best free Novoline games due to its very bewitching feeling and the game will leave a player spellbound when they are playing. This adventure will really get a player hooked as the graphics in the game are excellent and a player will really feel they are part of the magical adventure when playing this classic free Novoline games.

The other fantasy title in the range of free Novoline games is the title Win Wizard. This game completely takes users on a fantasy adventure into a world of magic and mystery. The aim of this free Novoline games is to win large amounts of gold and this is done by finding the wizard and managing to get him to cast a spell of wealth with his magic potions. Players will instantly feel like they are in a different world when they begin this adventure as they will see a fantastic graphic display which instantly brings the theme to life. This free Novoline games really allow players to enjoy this fantasy as all of the details in the game are completely targeted towards this fantasy. The symbols used the slot include a magic frog and a purple crystal ball. The graphics used in this free Novoline game are fantastic as they really create a wonderful and different environment. The background of this slot is a wizard’s laboratory deep in the castle walls and laboratory displays all sorts of potions and spell books in it. This attention to detail in this themed game is excellent as it allows players to really believe they are part of a fantastic adventure.

The game play that can be expected in these fantasy adventure free Novoline games is also excellent as players can play for various bonus features and have the chance of winning some really large cash prizes. An example of a bonus feature that a player can expect to find in these free Novoline games is the completely random bonus feature. This bonus feature is found in the Win Wizard game and is triggered at any point during a game completely by random and features a floating wizard flying in over the reels and then opening his spell book and starting to give away spell which equal prizes for the player. This feature is only stopped when the Wizard’s spell book reads ‘The End’ and he disappears in a puff of smoke. Another bonus feature that can be found in these free Novoline games is the scatter bonus feature which can be found in the Magic Princess game. This bonus feature works by having three or more magic balls spun in on the reels and gives the player 15 bonus win spins these spins are multiplied by three times. A user will really enjoy these bonus features in free Novoline games as they have the great ability to win great prizes.

These two fantasy adventure themed free Novoline games are both full of opportunities for a player to win large amounts of money. There are two bonus features that can be found in both Magic Princess and Win Wizard these bonuses are excellent and can really increase player’s chances of winning. The first of these bonuses is the substituting bonus and this works by a specific symbol being spun on the reel which has the ability to be swapped with any other symbol on the board. The result of the substituting feature in the free Novoline games is a massively increased chance of winning. The special symbol that represents this bonus in Win Wizard is the wild toad and in Magic Princess is the princess symbol. The next bonus feature found in both free Novoline games is the gamble bonus this is where a player can either double or lose their winnings on the strength of one bet. This bet is a fifty / fifty chance bet and the player must take a large amount of risk but can reap great rewards if they are brave enough. These two bonuses available in both free Novoline games are excellent and allow players a great chance to win some great prizes.