Free Novoline 2

The range of different free Novoline 2 games offers players an unrivalled experience when it comes to online casino game playing. The games in the free Novoline 2 range are all excellent and there is a massive range of different titles to choose from. The different games are all made with great graphics which really bring each individual slot game to life. Players will love the fact that they can play each title and have a great theme completely brought to life through awesome graphics. The sound effects used in the free Novoline slots 2 range are also first rate and players will be amazed with how each individual game has a completely new range of sounds. The sound effects for each game are designed around each different theme for example if a game is themed on ancient Egypt then the sounds for that game will be Egyptian. This combination of excellent graphics and sounds in the free Novoline 2 range offer players a great chance to experience each individual theme in the best possible way. The graphics of each different slot game include the background that is used, the reels, the design of the title text and the symbols that are used in the game.

Players when they come to play a casino game online come across a lot of different options and choice between different brands of slot machines. The best brand on the internet is the free Novoline 2 brand due the quality of graphics and sound effects. This reason why this brand is so popular does not stop at the quality of the graphics and sound the game play is also vitally important. The game play of the free Novoline 2 games is excellent and they result in a player really enjoying their slot machine experience. The game play that is involved in a casino slot game includes the format that the slot is played on and the bonus features that are available. The format that a slot is played on means the reel and win line set up that a game is played on. The range of free Novoline 2 games all come on different set ups ranging from 5 reels to 3 reels and 20 win lines to 1 win line this variety of options is great for the player as they have lots of choice. The different bonus features available in free Novoline 2 games are vast and this is one of the reasons that make these games so popular.

The main aim of any game in the free Novoline 2 range is to line up as many of the same symbols from the left to the right as possible. This will result in a winning pay line and all of these different symbols pay different amounts and these different winning amounts can be seen in the pay table. The pay table can be found in the same place, at the bottom right of the screen, in all of the different free Novoline 2 games. In addition to this main objective when playing the various casino slot games players will aim for the various bonus features. One of the best bonus features in the free Novoline 2 games range is the scatter bonus this is activated when three of more of special symbols land on the screen at any one time. This then leads to a certain amount of win spins being awarded to the player this amount varies from game to game. These win spins are paid on various multiplying amounts which also vary from game to game. The next famous bonus feature in the free Novoline 2 games is the substitute bonus which is a feature that can be found in lots of different titles.

The substitute bonus in the free Novoline 2 games works by a certain special symbol having the power to be able to swap with any other symbol on the board. This bonus can help player’s chances of having a winning combination on a win line drastically. The next bonus feature that can be found in many free Novoline 2 games is the wild Multiplier bonus this works by a special symbol being able to substitute with any other symbol and the winning line that it creates is then doubled. This bonus is really excellent as it allows players to win much higher amounts and is more powerful than the standard substitute bonus. Another bonus that is found in free Novoline 2 games is the gamble feature this bonus is found in almost all of the different titles. The bonus allows players the opportunity to double or lose their winnings on the strength of a fifty / fifty bet. This fifty / fifty bet in the different free Novoline 2 games is only for the brave players and it will really allow them the chance to raise their winning pot. In most of the games this bet can be repeated again and again leading to massive prizes being won.

An example of a free Novoline 2 game with excellent bonus features is the title ‘Lord of the Ocean’ this game has numerous bonus features that players will love. The first of these bonus features is the scatter bonus which is activated when three or more symbols with green gems are shown on the screen. This bonus triggers ten bonus win spins where a player can really raise their prize fund. Unlike other free Novoline 2 games this scatter bonus also includes an extra bonus called the expanding reel. This means if during the bonus spins the reels start expanding then the player wins extra prizes. The next bonus available in this free Novoline 2 game is the gamble bonus where the user is given the choice between a red or a black card when choosing from a deck of cards. This choice of either red or black equals either doubling or losing winnings which is a great opportunity for a player to win big whist playing this free Novoline 2 slot. This combination of bonus features makes for a really fun playing environment where a player can stand to win a lot of money.